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Insurance / Membership

Required AAU Player & Coach Insurance

All players and coaches that wish to participate in an individual or team sport in AAU must have acquired a valid AAU Membership.

  • $20-22 per player fee (Increased as of 8/15/2023)*
  • $55-75 per coach fee (Increased as of 8/15/2023)*
  • Includes sports accident and general liability coverage in AAU and NON-AAU events
  • Player/Family responsible for $300 deductible. AAU Insurance covers the rest
  • All team rosters will be REQUIRED to be added to your AES account to participate in any event. Only those players and coaches with valid AAU Memberships/Insurance will be allowed to be added to the tournament roster.
  • Insurance Benefit Details
  • Purchase Insurance / Membership

*At a special meeting of AAU Congress in June 2023, a vote was passed to increase the price of the athlete and non-athlete membership. If you have any questions about this price increase, please email

Required Club Insurance

All clubs that wish to enter a team(s) into an AAU event must have acquired the required AAU Club Membership

Non-Profit Club Status

  • $300 per year
  • Eligible for tax - exempt status
  • Eligible to receive tax-exempt donations
  • Eligible to become sales tax exempt in your state
  • Level 3 is only for unincorporated clubs and has the same benefits as Level 1 and Level 2.
  • In addition, the club can become a subordinate under the AAU’s group exemption program, making the entity a tax-exempt organization. Level 3 Clubs are eligible to accept tax-exempt donations directly. Level 3 Clubs must register online.
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Why AAU Insurance is Top Choice

Millions of young athletes participate in sports across America on a daily basis. Numerous volunteers give countless hours in coaching young athletes and in directing and hosting events.  There is an inherent risk involved in any athletic endeavor whether as an athlete, coach, bench personnel, administrator, instructor, manager, official, team leader, tournament director, volunteer, spectator, parent or event operator.  The AAU has addressed many of those inherent risks through a comprehensive insurance program that is second to none in the youth sport industry.

The AAU’s insurance program is a benefit of membership and extends to those who are members of the AAU (athletes, non-athletes, club) or affiliated with the AAU through its members. 

The AAU insurance program is comprehensive in nature and provides protection for athletes while participating in competitions and practices, coaches while instructing, event operators while conducting licensed events, spectators while attending events, and facilities while partnering with AAU members.

There are two broad types of insurance coverage included in there AAU insurance program:  Sport Accident and General Liability.

Sports Accident: Coverage is provided for properly registered athletes or non-athletes who are injured during an AAU licensed event, supervised practice or while participating in the Extended Coverage (AB) membership program.  Coverage is excess medical and becomes primary if there is no other coverage available.

General Liability:  Coverage is provided for properly registered athletes, non-athletes, member clubs/teams, event organizers, promoters, facilities, sponsors, managers, spectators and volunteers covering claims due to damage or injury caused by negligence or acts of omission during performance of duties or conducting business (such as running events or hosting a practice.

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