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AAU Cares

What is AAU Cares?

AAU Cares is the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU)'s way of giving back to the community.   Our organization strives to provide not only athletic opportunities but also lessons in learning, life and social responsibility in the community. #AAUCares


Wife of EVO Volleyball coach Gregg Detwiler, Lynn was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 1998.  At the same time, her son, Jose Vincente Munoy, was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma.  He was 8.  Lynn was treated and went into remission while continuing to care for Jose Vincente.  Jose passed away in 2001 at age 11. 

In 2008 during a self examination, she discovered some lumps.  Biopsies proved that her cancer had returned, and her treatment began at Queen’s Hospital in Honolulu.  In 2017 she moved to Boston to receive treatment at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. 

Throughout the 12+ years that she was receiving treatment, Lynn continued working as a RN-Case Manager, first at Queen’s Hospital, then at Brigham & Women’s Hospital in the oncology ward.  She never missed a day of work because of her illness.  She passed away peacefully, at home on January 16, 2021.  She was 55.

Lynn San Nicolas Detwiler
March 7, 1965 - January 16, 2021

How to get involved?

AAU Cares is for everyone.  We encourage you and your team to get involved in giving back to your community. Here are some of the ways you can get involved:

AAU Proud
The purpose of this program is to provide athletic activities & sport skills to children aged 4, 5, 6 & 7 in a non-competitive environment that promotes self-confidence while staying active. #AAUProud
For more on how to host an AAU Proud actvity during your event, email:

Feeding Children Everywhere
Feeding Children Everywhere is a social charity that empowers and mobilizes people to assemble healthy meals for hungry children.

Meet the Need Food Drive
Partner with your local food bank and during a practice or event, advertise as a drop off location for items such as canned vegetables, peanut butter and school snacks.

Kids Helping Kids
Have a special wishing well on display for the duration of competition, where athletes can write a letter of encouragement to a child in need and to make a wish.  Donations then can go to Make A Wish foundation.

Community Outreach: this can be as simple as volunteering at a local soup kitchen or Habitat for Humanity, to mentoring at a local youth club as well as tutoring disadvantaged youth.

Share Your Story
Share your story of giving and send us some photos. Email or use hastag #AAUCares when sharing via social media.