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NEAAU Basketball Power Rankings


AAU teams in New England earn team ranking points at many sanctioned events throughout New England from March-June. Information regarding the 2015 Power Rankings will become available in November 2014

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Power Ranking Tournaments (2014)

Claw the Ball
March 29-30 Lowell, MA
Emmanuel College Spring Classic April 5-6 Boston,  MA
Mass Huskies Spring Jam April 5-6 Malden, MA
Vermont Cats Spring Classic April 5-6 Burlington, VT
Mass Premier Spring Tourney April 5-6 Foxboro, MA
Super Spring Spectacular April 12-13 Mansfield, MA
North Central Blaze Shootout April 12-13 Groton, MA
NH Lady Twisters Spring Tournament April 12-13 Goffstown, NH
NH Spartans Spring Shootout April 26-27 Derry, NH
Maine State Tournament May 2-4 Gorham, ME
Massachusetts State Tournament
May 2-4 Foxboro, MA
Vermont State Tournament May 3-4 Burlington, VT
New Hampshire State Tournament May 2-4 Derry, NH
War on the Shore May 10-11 Scituate, MA
Jacket Classic VII May 17-18 Milton, VT
Vermont Cats Maple Syrup Classic June 7-8 Burlington, VT
VT Thunderbirds Invitational May 10-11 Rutland, VT

Point Structure

EVENT PTS for each WIN PTS for Winning EVENT
DI State Tournament 30 30
DII State Tournament 15 15
Club Tournament (A pool) 20 20
Club Tournament (B pool) 10 10
Point Differential 
Teams also will receive points for the point differential for each win. If a team wins a game by 5 points, that team will earn an additional 5 ranking points on top of the points they earn for the game win. There will be a 10 point differential maximum. The point differential is used to avoid a 'log jam' of ties in the rankings.

How Do the Rankings Work?

Win a game @ an NEAAU Power Ranking Event and you earn team ranking points
If you enter the DI (or A Pool) pool at an event you will earn DI level points for each win
If you enter the DII (or B Pool) pool at an event you will earn DII level points for each win
You are able to see how many points you earned at each level, as well as see your total combined points

Girls Basketball Power Rankings


1. Mass Premier HARNEY 346
2. Mass Attack AUGER 188
3. NE Crusaders KING 182
4. Maine Hoops Hoosiers 180
5. NC Blaze PALLOTTA 170
5. NE Flames GALVIN 170

What are the power rankings?

  • Earn team points at many AAU events
  • Fun, exciting way to track your team's performance
  • Play for a little something extra
  • See where your team ranks in New England
  • See where your team ranks in your State
  • See where your team ranks in DI & DII ranking


EVOLUTION Basketball

New for 2014!



  • Teams will be able to see where they rank against teams within their own state.


  • Teams will be able to see the points they earn in DI and/or DII pools at AAU Power Ranking events

Make Your Event a Ranking Event

Do you run a licensed AAU Basketball event? Are you interested in offering power ranking points at your event in 2014! Be apart of the growth of the NEAAU Power Rankings.

  • Include your event in Power Rankings?
  • Promote your event as a Ranking event
  • Teams at your event earn ranking points
  • Be a part of the growing rankings
  • Learn more

If interested please email