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2015 State Tournament & Super Regionals

The dates and locations for the 2015 Boys Basketball State Tournaments and Super Regionals are not becoming available. Information for the Maine and New Hampshire State Championships, as well as the Super Regionals are already available.

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GETTING ready for 2015

Winding down after a busy spring and summer season in 2014? Please remember that the NEAAU is here to help you when you begin to prepare for 2015. 

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NEAAU Boys Basketball Super Regionals

2014 results

The results from the 2014 District Qualifying events are still available for review. Visit each State Tournament & Super Regional Page for results.

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Super RegionalsGradeDateLocation
Super Regional 5-8th April 10-12, 2015 Foxboro, MA
Super Regional
9-11th April 17-19, 2015 Foxboro, MA
State TournamentsGradeDateLocation
Massachusetts State Tournament 3-12th TBA TBA
Maine State Tournament 4-12th May 1-3, 2015 Portland, ME
Vermont State Tournament 4-12th TBA TBA
New Hampshire State Tournament 4-12th May 15-17, 2015 Hampton, NH
National EventsGradeDateLocation
National AAU Championships 3-11th TBA  
Super Showcase 9-11th TBA  
Other National Events    TBA  


NEAAU Boys Basketball

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Team Name Tryout Date
Cape Cod Warriors 9/20/2014
Cape Cod Warriors 9/20/2014
Cape Cod Warriors 9/20/2014
Cape Cod Warriors 9/20/2014
Cape Cod Warriors 9/20/2014
Cape Cod Warriors 9/20/2014
Cape Cod Warriors 9/20/2014
Cape Cod Warriors 9/24/2014
Cape Cod Warriors 9/24/2014