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NEAAU Baseball

GET READY for 2015 League season

Information regarding the 2015 NEAAU Spring/Summer Baseball League season is now available. Begin getting ready for the 2015 season this fall! SEE the LINKS DOWN the RIGHT SIDE of this PAGE

Important 2015 Info - Enter a New Team, League Requirements, Super & Diamond Division Requests


Coaches Meeting January 25 9-18U  
Scheduling Meeting March 1 9-18U  
Opening Weekend April 5-6 9-12U  
Opening Weekend April 26-27 13-14U  
Opening Weekend June 14-15 15-18U  
Playoffs (pool play) June 7-8 9-12U 9U,10U,11U,12U
Playoffs (Final Four) June 14-15 9-12U 9U,10U,11U,12U
Playoffs (pool play) July 12-13 13-14U 13U,14U
Playoffs (Final Four) July 19-20 13-14U 13U,14U
Playoffs August 2-3 15-18U 15U,18U
Fall League Sept.-Oct. 9-15U  

Photo Gallery June-July 2014

Playoffs 2014
Team Name Tryout Date
Team New England 9/17/2014
The A's 9/18/2014
RI Bombers 9/19/2014
The A's 9/20/2014
The A's 9/20/2014
Atlantic Baseball Club Mariners 9/20/2014
Baseball Unlimited Tigers 9/21/2014
Baseball Unlimited Tigers 9/21/2014

Get READY for 2015

League Dates SPring 2015Calendar

- TBA in Fall 2014

League Requirements / Registration

- AAU Club/Team Membership
- NEAAU League Fee - $350 per team (2014)
- Refundable Bond - $250 per club
- Field Insurance - $0
- Registration opens September 1, 2014
- See League Requirements

NEW to AAU?New

- Are you entering a new team?
- Learn step by step process
- Veteran club that needs refresher course?

Super & Diamond Divisions

- Want teams in the Super or Diamond in 2015?
- Send us your team count
- Learn more, download form

Coaches Meetings 2015Meeting

- General Coaches Meeting (January)
- League Scheduling Meeting (March)
- Dates TBA Fall 2014

Promote Your TeamPromote

- Post your tryouts on this website
- Create a user account

Free Agent Player List

- Many players looking for AAU teams
- Email tskovron@neaau.org
- Must have valid AAU membership & club code

More League Details & rules

- How does league schedule work?
- How does league score reporting work?
- Roster & Age Calculation
- All League rules

New Features for 2015New

- Post open dates & easily find more games
- List of available coaches (just like players list)
- Other possible upgrades TBA

Fay School


NEAAU Baseball

NEAAU Baseball strives to provide an exciting playoff atmosphere each season and provide great rewards.

- Playoff Trophies
- Playoff Medals
- Championship Rings
- National Championship Bids