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Teams Enter Their Own LEAGUE Scores in 2014

All coaches should remember that they are required to add their league scores in 2014. No longer do coaches need to email scores to the NEAAU. Only the HOST team is required to enter scores each week. See score reporting rules.

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NEAAU Baseball Playoffs


Are you interested in hosting playoff games in June or July? If so, please fill out the playoff host request form and email it to 

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NEAAU Summer Baseball Classic


The NEAAU Tournaments are selling out faster than ever! We recommend registering early for our Memorial Day and Summer Tournaments so you do not get shut out.

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General Coaches Meeting January 25 Dedham, MA 9-18U
League Scheduling Meeting March 1 Dedham, MA 9-14U
Spring Classic March 29-30 Rhode Island 9-12U
Spring Classic April 5-6 Rhode Island 13-14U
Spring League April-August MA,ME,NH,RI,VT 9-18U
Memorial Day Blast May 24-26 Warwick, RI 9-12U
Memorial Day Classic May 24-25 Rhode Island 13-14U
Maine Memorial Weekend May 23-26 Augusta, ME 11-12U
League Playoffs June-July New England
Summer Classic July 19-20 Rhode Island 11-12U
Summer Classic July 26-27 Rhode Island 13-15U
Summer Blast August 2-3 Warwick, RI 9-12U
Fall League Sept.-Oct. New England 9-15U
all tournaments>      
National EventDateLocationAges
Grand Nationals June 15-21 Orlando, FL 9-10U
Grand Nationals June 22-28 Orlando, FL 11-13U
Wood Bat Championships June 16-21 Orlando, FL HS
National Championships July 19-24 Sarasota, FL 14U,UC
Junior Olympic Games July 25-28 Des Moines. IA 11,12U
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NEAAU Spring Baseball CLassic

LATEST GALLERY - Spring Classic Tournament on April 5-6, 2014

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Tourney MachineThe NEAAU is excited to announce that it will be using Tourney Machine for all NEAAU hosted baseball tournaments in 2014! Get all NEAAU tournament info and updates on your phone!

  • Mobile App w/ tourney info
  • Schedule & immediate schedule updates
  • Scores
  • Brackets & Bracket Updates
  • Team Updates
  • Tournament Updates
  • Check it out!


LATEST VIDEO - Highlights from the 2013 AAU National Baseball Championships at Wide World of Sports in Orlando, FL. (21:30 minute mark)

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NEAAU BaseballNEAAU Baseball is preparing for its best league season yet in 2014 and we hope you join us.

  • 500+ teams
  • 9-18U, 3 skill levels
  • Regular season & playoffs
  • Largest AAU Baseball program in the country
  • Visit Spring League homepage


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- Interested in umpiring AAU games?
- Hundreds of games each season & growing!
- Games in CT, MA, ME, NH, RI, VT
- AAU Certified Umps used for League Playoffs
- AAU Certified Umps used for Tournaments
- Learn about AAU Umpire Certification


Tournament to Consider in 2014

Spring Baseball Classic
 NEAAU Spring Classic
March 29-20, 2014
April 5-6, 2014
NEAAU Memorial Day Classic

NEAAU Memorial Day Classic
May 24-25, 2014

Summer Baseball Classic
NEAAU Summer Classic
July 19-20, 2014
July 26-27, 2014
AAU National Championships
June & July 2014
AAU Junior Olympic Games
AAU Junior Olympic Games
July 24-28, 2014